Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair

No. 3316 Aeeget “Egg Chair” by Arne Jacobsen 1957

Contemporary Furniture Design Profile

The Egg chair is one of the most influential post-war furniture designs. It’s popularity meaning it has stayed on the production line since it’s conception in 1957.

The form of the egg chair is similar to Eero Saarinen’s Womb armchair of 1946. Similar design theories perhaps?

Egg Chair - Arne Jacobsen

The shell is constructed from molded fibre glass reinforced polyurethane, then it is upholstered with latex foam and finished in leather.

The base is a four point pedestal made of cast aluminium. The chair has a novelty factor as it can tilt and swivel from it’s base.

The Egg chair was designed as part of the interior furniture for the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen.

He designed the entire complex building, the furniture, the interior, as well as the light fittings, carpets, cutlery and even ashtrays.

He created a continunity in design with nothing left to chance.

The Egg Chair was one of Arne Jacobsen’s three famous chair designs of the 1950’s. The others were the Ant chair (1952) and the Swan chair (1957).
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3107 Chair - Arne Jacobsen

3107 Chair – Arne Jacobsen

You have definately seen an example of this famous chair design, it is still popular today and can be seen in cafe’s throughout the world. A timeless chair design.

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