Alvar Aalto Viipuri Stools

Viipuri Stacking Stools by Alvar Aalto, The Viipuri Collection

Modern Furniture Profile

Alvar Aalto won a design project in 1927 to design the Municipal Library in Viipuri.

His Neoclassic styling entry was not popular with the local residents as it was in contrast to the neo gothic surroundings.

Hence the project was delayed giving Aalto time to reformulate and redesign the library and create a furniture collection for it.

Viipuri Stacking Stools - Alvar Aalto
A contemporary building replace the original design and was completed in 1935. It was functional, and set the new standard of interior detail with lighting and acoustics.

The Viipuri collection of furniture complemented Aalto’s forward thinking design.

He designed a simple and effective joint. The leg could be bent to form a right angle that could “wrap” under a seat or table top and be fixed with screws. This leg was know as the Aalto Leg.

This was durable and an economical way to make furniture. This revolutionary process received a patent in 1935.

The Viipuri stacking stool – this was made up of only four wooden parts, three Aalto Legs and a round seat. The legs were attached to the seat at 120 degree angles which meant they could interlock and stack easily. They then take up a minimal storage space so are ideal for schools, meeting rooms or offices. They were available in children and adult sizes. The legs were varnished natural Birch timber and the seats were made from natural Birch timber, primary and white laminates.

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Serving Cart - Alvar Aalto

Serving Cart – Alvar Aalto
Manufactured in a continuous piece of laminated timber frame, two wheels at the front and a sled base at the back this was designed as a hospital trolley.
Paimio Chair - Alvar Aalto
Paimio Chair – Alvar Aalto

Two dimensional molded plywood and laminated timber chair.


406 Armchair– steam bent timber cantilevered timber frame with a woven cotton interlaced webbing to form the seat and backing.

Cantilevered Chair no 31 - Alvar Aalto

Cantilevered Chair no 31 – Alvar Aalto

Continuous cantilevered frame, this chair was made from laminated steam bend Birch timber.

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