Alvar Aalto Serving Cart

Aalto Serving Cart – Alvar Aalto 1936

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Alvar Aalto’s first attempt at a serving cart was for the Paimio Sanitorium in 1933. It was a double tiered wooden trolley, quieter to move around the wards than the traditional hospital cart. It was used for daily medicine dispensing.

Aalto Serving Cart - Alvar Aalto

It’s structure was a continuous loop of two dimensionally molded laminated Birch timber. The frame then carried two serving shelves. There were two wheels at the front and the frame formed sled feet at the back.

To move the cart you had to lift it from the back. The sled feet and wheels had a slim rubber capping to reduce noise in the hospital. The wheels were fun as they were colored in red, white, blue, yellow or black lacquer. The shelves had black or white linoleum to the top which also helped deaden the noise.

The 1936 cart design was similar to the Paimio design, but altered to suit residential purposes. It only had one shelf but had the addition of a willow basket to carry tall items that may fall over when the cart was pushed. It worked better as the removal of one shelf meant walking behind the cart became easier.

This cart used more materials, the willow basket, glossy lacquer wheels, ceramic tiles to the shelf’s top and timber for the frame.

This cart showed Aalto’s ability to tackle unusual requests for furniture design and complete them successfully.

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