Alvar Aalto Chair no 31

Cantilevered Chair no 31 – Alvar Aalto 1933

Classic Modern Furniture Design Profile

The chair no 31 has a more subtle curved form than the Armchair 41 but is just as comfortable. The seat was constructed of bent plywood, Masur Birch.

It was supported by cantilevered continuous arm and leg frame of laminated Birch plywood steam bent in the shape of a “C” and had horizontal braces to the back.

Cantilevered Chair no 31 Alvar Aalto

The frame was thicker from the front of the seat down as there was more stress on the frame there.

He constructed the frame with seven layers of lamination and less for the arms and back as they required less reinforcement.

The later version of this chair in 1946 was called the 406 Arm Chair or Pension and had a seat and back made of webbing woven between the frame.

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