Wood Moldings

Types of Timber and Wood Moldings used in Interior Decoration

Timber /Wood Moldings

Traditionally all moldings were solid wood / timber and available in many profiles. Today there are even more profiles and a lot of the moldings are now made of MDF Board, making them more affordable.

MDF Board moldings are ideal if you intend to paint the finished product, but if you intend to stain and polyurethane, stick to the traditional product of timber.

Moldings are used for cornice or crown, picture rails, dado rails, skirtings, window and door architraves and panelling.


Cornice is a molding, which is positioned where an internal wall joins the ceiling.

Picture Rail

Picture Rail is a molding that was used above head height to hang pictures from (saving the wall from holes).

Dado Rail

Dado rail was originally designed to prevent chairs from hitting the wall, sits at approximately 1000mm above the floor. (Chair Rail)

Dado Rail or Chair Rail.

Dado Rail or Chair Rail.

Skirting (mopboard, washboard, scrub board, base plate)

This runs vertically around the foot of the wall to protect it from knocks from feet.

Skirting (mopboard, washboard, scrub board, base plate)

Skirting (mopboard, washboard, scrub board, base plate)


Architrave is a molding that is planted over the joint between a frame and an opening to cover the joint i.e. door or window.

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