Uses for Wood

Uses for Wood and Timber as Interior Design and Decorating Finishes

Interior Uses for Timber and Wood

As we know, wood / timber has been used for the framing of houses and external cladding and joinery in traditional construction for many years, but it is also a very versatile interior product and has long been a major decorative element in our homes. Timber / wood flooring, timber wall panelling, solid or timber veneer doors, skirtings, moldings, window joinery kitchen joinery and of course furniture.

As with all construction, interior and exterior, technology in manufacturing has lead to many more timber products being available to use and at more cost effective prices. In the 1500’s solid timber planks were the only form of timber available, now over time, many new ways of milling have been introduced, cabinet makers and carpenters have absorbed new knowledge and learnt from new craftsmanship abroad and new forms of timber product are still constantly being introduced.

Today we have the option of using imported timbers or woods (often as veneers) for projects that were once not even known. We are very lucky to have such choice now for the uses of wood. Read on to learn more about how we use wood / timber today in the interior.

Wood Timber Veneer

Timber veneer is a thin layer of timber of uniform thickness. It is formed by either slicing, rotary cutting being cut half round or sawn. It is then glued to a board, such as plywood, MDF board or chipboard. It produces a decorative board that is easier to use and more cost effective than solid timber. It is also more environmentally friendly as fewer trees are used to make a veneer board than the same size board of solid timber.

Its advantages are that most of the cutting methods used produce “matching ” veneers (several veneers from a log have almost the identical features, colouring and figuring). Matching is a form of arranging the veneered sheets to form a pattern that best shows off the figure of the timber. “Rotary Veneers” often don’t have enough interesting figure to be able to match.

Wood veneers are ideal for doors, panels and curved surfaces as they are thin and can be glued over the edges and rounded surfaces. They are used a lot in furniture.

Uses of Wood - Timber Veneer to Cupoard Doors in Kitchen

Timber Veneer to Cupoard Doors in Kitchen

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