Natural Carpet Fibers

Types of Natural Carpet Fibers in Yarn Used for Carpet

Types of Natural Carpet Fibers – Natural Fibers

Carpets can be produced from numerous types of yarn. To follow are the natural carpet fibers that can be used in the yarn.


This is by far the superior product in carpet manufacture and sets the standard for carpet fiber comparison. It is used predominately in woven carpets, the 80/20 mixture, 80% wool and 20% nylon is the preferred combination as it adds the strengths of the nylon fiber to the qualities of wool. Wool resists soling and can be cleaned. It has a good abrasion resistance and therefore wears well, has good resilience, which aids in appearance retention, recovering quickly from crushing.

It has a high flame resistance and doesn’t generate static electricity build up.

Natural Carpet Fibers - Wool Cut Pile Carpet
Wool Cut Pile Carpet

Animal Hair

Goat, horse, cow or pig hair is used in carpet tiles and hair cords. They are frequently blended with rayon, viscose or wool. The combination is very hard wearing and has good fire resistance and doesn’t attract dirt.


This is a hard brown plant stem fiber that was traditionally used in the backing of carpets. It is occasionally blended with viscose rayon in cord type carpets. Polypropylene backing has become popular for tufted carpets in lieu of jute.


This is a plant fiber that is used for cord carpets and carpet tiles. It is very harsh and cheaper than hair or wool.


This fiber comes from the coconut and is similar in properties to sisal. “Coconut” matting is the cheap form used for small mats and runners. Coir matting is the better quality widths and construction.


Used mainly in rugs as it is hardwearing but readily soiled and its pile is easily compressed. It is ideal for a bathroom rug as it washes well.


As a luxury fiber it is used in oriental carpets and rugs.


This is used to reduce static charge in synthetic carpets, very fine metal fibers are blended into the yarn.

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