Different Types of Carpet

Different Types of Carpet used for Home Interior Design and Decoration

Find the different types of carpet available for using in home interior decoration and design. Get an idea of what they are made of, their uses and where they will perform best.


Wilton previously mentioned, this is a woven cut, looped or cut and looped pile carpet. The yarn is woven continuously, which limits the number of colors on the loom. Patterned Wiltons are available but the majority are plain with a smooth luxurious feel. It is available in broadloom and narrow width.


Axminster as we have mentioned is a woven cut pile carpet generally with a pattern. The quality is dependant on the fiber content and the weight. The height of the pile can be specified from short to shaggy. It is available in broadloom and narrow width.

Types of Carpet - Axminster carpet

Axminster carpet


It consists of hundreds of needles, which thread the yarn through the backing (jute or polypropylene), which forms loops or tufts to the required length. The backing is then given a layer of adhesive coating to fix the tufts in position; another layer of backing is then fixed for added strength. It is available in broadloom or narrow width.


Manufactured in a similar fashion to Wilton, but to produce its corduroy look, the pile is left uncut. Cords are mostly made of man-made fibers. Hair cords, made from animal hair can be produced and are very hard wearing.


This is handmade carpet in an off-white color. The pile is looped and knitted into the backing. Quality carpets are very hard wearing. It is available in rug form or broadloom.

Needle Punch

This is a carpet without a pile. It is constructed by needle punching and entangling a fiber mixture through the backing fabric. The backing is then covered in an acrylic resin to hold it all in place. Fibers used, nylon, jute, and polypropylene. New methods of manufacture are always evolving – such as a welding method, fusing the back and eliminating the need for a resin adhesive.

Sisal Carpeting

It is cheap and hardwearing, woven from spun cord product, which has a coarse feel underfoot. It has become popular and is now available in numerous colors and designs. To enhance its durability an underlay is recommended. The tighter the weave, the better the quality.

Carpet Tiles

These are very popular, especially in commercial situations as they are easy to lay and easy to repair. They are available in woven, tufted and cord in an endless variety of colors, designs and fibers. They can be laid to create a design by quarter turning a same patterned tile or alternating different colors and designs. They are generally loose laid which gives them the versatility of lifting, cleaning or replacing a damaged tile.

Different types of Carpet - Carpet Tiles

Carpet Tiles

Coir (Coconut) Matting

Everyone has seen this product. It generally lies at the front door as a doormat and is a thick and spiky fiber. It is often used in mat wells of commercial buildings. Coir matting is the better quality product than coconut matting and is available in carpet width; it is usually produced in its natural coloring.

Rush, Seagrass and Maize

These are natural materials woven into squares and sewn together to form mats. They are ideal for temporary flooring.

Shag Pile

This is a loosely woven carpet with a long cut pile, very popular in the 1970’s. Used mainly as a decorative carpet, as it has a long coarse messy look that is not practical for a whole house, especially high traffic areas and stairs. It has come back into fashion for those who dare go there.


Different Types of Carpet - Berber Carpet

Originating from North Africa, the process of hand spun, undyed wool yarn hand weaving. It has been imitated on a commercial basis and now the name Berber provides a homespun natural feel and colored carpet.


This carpet has a shorter pile and closer weave than shag pile. It is a dense cut pile carpet with heavily treated yarns, ensuring that each tuft of yarn can be seen.

Frise (or Hard Twist)

To create a highly textured cut pile effect, frise uses a tightly twisted yarn.

Different Types of Carpet - Plush Carpet Pile


This carpet has a velvet like surface texture that is achieved by having a uniformly cut pile.


This carpet has a cut pile that has the entire tuft ends blended together to provide an even finish.

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