Carpet Pile

The Different Types of Carpet Pile Finishes

Carpet Pile

Now that we know about the fibers that make up the yarn, and the construction method, we can review the types of carpet, their properties and performance.

The three main types of pile are cut pile, looped pile or a combination of both.

Cut and Looped Pile

A cut and looped pile has a sculptural appearance, by cutting some loops and not others, they can be all the same height or some at a lower level.
Pile needs to be resilient and have sufficient pile density, as it is required to take the full impact of traffic. The fiber and yarn quality as well as the density of the pile judge the quality of carpet.

Looped Pile

A looped pile is where the yarn is left uncut and depending on the length and yarn type can be loose and shaggy or tight and hard. It is used for Wiltons, all cords, and some tufted carpets. It doesn’t show up footprints. By having loops of yarn at different heights a multilevel loop provides a sculptural effect.

Carpet Pile - Looped Pile Carpet

Looped Pile Carpet

Cut Pile

A cut pile is where all the yarn ends on the topside of the carpet surface are cut leaving a flush cut pile. The pile depth can vary, short and smooth, long and shaggy or if a hard twist yarn is used, a firm hard feel is achieved. It can be cut or carved to provide a sculptured look. A cut pile is used for Axminsters, Wiltons and tufted carpets and some bonded carpets.

Carpet Pile - Cut Pile Carpet.

Cut Pile Carpet

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