A Guide to Nails used for Interior Design

Types of Nails

There are many different types of nails used for interior decorating work:

Round Wire Nails – have a flat head and are used in rough carpentry, usually for framing etc. 25mm to 150mm

Oval Wire Nails – are oval and therefore less likely to split the wood

Panel Pins – are designed for fixing panels to frames

Annular Nails – have rings around the shanks and have very good grip, 25mm to 100mm

Coppered Hardboard Pins – are used to fix sheets of hardboard and won’t rust

Moulding Pins – are very thin panel pins used for fixing wood trims without splitting the wood

Escutcheon Pins – are used for fixing escutcheon plates (plates used to finish holes such as keyholes or boltholes)

Upholstery Nails – are used to fix fabric to upholstered furniture. They have domed brass heads for aesthetic purposes

Tacks – are used for the same purpose but are less refined and cheaper

Types of Nails
Types of Nails

Staples – are hooped shaped fixings (like a nail sharp at both ends but bent into a u), used to fix wire to posts. They are usually used outdoors and are galvanised to prevent rust.

Staple Guns – fire flat-topped staples and come in various sizes. Similar to the office stapler but stronger and often used to fix fabric to frames.

Glazing Sprigs – are the small square shaped nails used to hold glass in windows and picture frames before putty is installed

Corrugated Fasteners – are metal fasteners used to hammer across a joint to make quick butt or mitre joints

Plasterboard Nails– are rough galvanized nails about 30 to 40 mm long used to fix plasterboard to the framing

Masonry Nails – are hard enough to hammer into masonry but once there, they are usually permanent

Cut Clasp Nails – are the older type found in older homes. Usually 25 to 100mm long

Lag Bolts or Screws – sometimes called coach bolts are used only when one end of the bolt or screw is accessible.

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