Types of Bolts

Bolts are similar to screws as they also have a thread and head, however the thread is not tapered or designed to grip into the wall or substrate.

A bolt  is designed to have another metal connection attach to it by turning onto the thread. This connection is of course the nut.

The two items being attached together are trapped between the bolt and nut.

Bolts are used for structural wood or metal connections.

Bolts are classified by:

  • Length
  • Diameter
  • Head Type

Washers – are the flat circular pieces of metal that go at either end of the bolt and nut.

They are designed to spread the load from the bolt and nut over a greater surface area than without.

They can also provide seals and act as spacers as well as insulate or protect materials from each other.

Parts of a bolt, washer and nut

Parts of a bolt – washer and nut
Coach Screw and Coach Bolt
Coach Screw and Coach Bolt

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