Meanings of Brocade, Brooming, Buckram

The Meaning of Brocade

Design Definitions for Brocade, Brocatelle, Brooming, Buckram, Buff

Also including Building Code, Building Surveyor, Bulkhead, Bull nose, Burlap, Burr, Butt Hinge, Butt Veneer, Butt, Buttoned and Buttress.

Brocade: Rich jacquard, woven fabric with an all over interwoven design of raised figures or flowers. Brocade has a raised surface in contrast to felt damask, and is generally made of silk, rayon and nylon yarns with or without metallic treatment.

Brocatelle: (fabric) like damask uses more than two colors. It has a satin or twill figure on a plain or satin ground. Different to damask as raised areas of pattern are formed by a double warp.


Brooming: (Broom finish) Scratching a floating coat to make a key for plaster or using a soft broom to create a textured surface to exterior concrete pathways creating an anti slip finish.

Buckram: A material used for lining and stiffening which is either sewn or ironed into place.

Buff: To polish or grind down to a smooth finish.

Building Code: Building Laws corresponding to Building regulations.

Building Surveyor: A person trained in the techniques, costs and law of construction, some countries prefer to be known as a Quantity Surveyor.

Bulkhead: A boxed shape used to cover services  or create form in the interior of a room etc. Either internal or external.


Bull nose: The rounding of an edge or aris. E.g. to the edge of a table or a rounded edge of a brick.

Example of bullnose

Burlap: Coarse, canvas like fabric made of jute, hemp or cotton. Also called Gunny.
Burlap, Gunny
Burr:(Burl) The curly figuring found in timber. E.g. Burred Walnut.


Burl burl


Butt Hinge: This is the most common of all hinges. It is the standard hinge found on most doors. Each side of the hinge being a simple rectangle with screw holes for fixing joined together with a removable pin. The two halves are folded together with one side screwed to the door and the other to the frame allowing the door to swing on the pin.
butt hinge


Butt Veneer: The type of veneer having a strong curly figure like crotch caused by roots growing out of the trunk at varying angles.




For more information on timber.

Butt: To meet without overlapping.

Buttoned: A feature of tufted upholstery in which usually fabric covered buttons are sewn over points of tufting to finish.

Buttoned fabric

Buttress: A projection from a wall to create additional strength and support. The flying buttress is used to support the wall at the junctions where an arch or arched truss is adding force to the wall both vertically and horizontally.



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