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Damask: (fabric) Firm, glossy jacquard-patterned fabric. Damask is similar to brocade, but flatter and reversible. Distinguished by their weave, may be produced from silk, cotton, linen, wool or man made fibres. Classical damask is a monochrome figured textile, the shiny surface of the satin weave ground contrasts with the lusterless sateen weave figure. Original designs – pomegranates and stylised florals. Woven on looms with a jacquard attachment. Name derived from Damascus (reference the silk road) Damask Damask

Danish Cabinet Maker’s Guild: This guild was formed by craftsmen who were concerned for their future trade. A group of twenty five master craftsmen created a professional association in the late 1920’s to deal with increased competition from industrial products and the poor state of the Danish economy. They held and annual exhibition in Copenhagen to publicize their quality products. By the 1960’s it was a major international design event. Through this guild the craftsmen managed to preserve their century old values and were able to combine them with the new construction methods and furniture forms to add to the traditional art of furniture making.

Day Bed: A type of couch first made in the 17th century with a single head in the shape of a chair. Similar to the function of a chaise bed

de Stijl (the style): de Stijl was a Dutch design movement which started in 1917, it was formed by a group of architects and artists and was founded on the theories of Dutch architect Hendrik Berlage and drew in additional influences from the earlier Cubist and Futurist movements. It spread to become a major part of Rational design. It’s main characteristics were flat smooth geometric planes and fundamental construction. Frank Lloyd Wright was a major influence on the best designer of de Stijl furniture, Gerrit Stijl

Deck: Coming out from a building it is a floor with no walls and roof, it is generally made of timber and supported by joists.

Decorative Paint Finishes: a form of changing the look and texture of a substrate by use of paint and often glazes or scumbles. I.e. dragging, combing, sponging.Decorative Paint Finishes Decorative Paint Finishes 2 Decorative Paint Finishes 3

Deep Triple Pleats: These use 4 pronged hooks and deep pleating tape. Fabric requirements are 2 ¼ – 2 ½ times the width of the window opening.Deep Triple Pleat

Denim: Inexpensive cotton utility fabric. May have small woven pattern.Denim

Detachable Linings: (drapery) these hang by a special heading tape from the same hooks as the curtain but they are not actually stitched to the curtain fabric.Detachable Linings

Deviling: Scratching plaster to prepare the surface for the next coat.

Diagonal Grain: (timber) the cells follow a sloping direction.Diagonal Grain

Dimity: (fabric) Lightweight cotton with a raised warp, giving it a stripped effect.Dimity

Direct Stick Installation: (carpet) No underlay is required, so careful selection of the carpet must be taken to ensure it can withstand this form of installation. The carpet is stuck directly to the floor using the manufactures recommended adhesive. Some carpets are manufactured with underlay attached to them and these are best suited to the direct stick method as stretching them is generally not successful.

Directional Light: This is light that is focused and forced to travel in a particular direction either by a reflector or baffle. This may be a spotlight of any sort or a lamp with an opaque shade (not translucent) so that the light goes in a particular direction.Directional Light 1 Directional Light 2

Discharge Printing: (fabric) This is a method of printing a dyed fabric with chlorine or another form of color eliminating chemicals, which leaves areas of white, or colors, if a bleach resisting dye is added to the bleaching paste.Discharge Printing

Distemper: A type of paint made by mixing the pigment with glue or size. Now largely superseded by emulsion paints.Distemper

Distressing: (paint effects) this is making a finish look older that it really is or time worn and rugged. It is achieved by using two different colors, base and top coat and partially removing the top coat to expose the base underneath. It looks as if it has been worn of by years of wear and tear.Distressing

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