Definitions of Arts and Crafts, Axminster, Arc, Art Deco

Interior Design Definitions of Arts and Crafts, Axminster, Arc and Art Deco

Architectural Definitions and Meanings for Astragel, Atlantes, Axminster, Aumbry, Aluminium, Awning Window, Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Arc.

Astragel: A small molding of circular profile.


Atlantes: Male figures used in place of columns to support entablatures.


Aumbry: A cupboard used to store food.

Awning window: A window with wide horizontal sashes that open outward to any angle.Axed: A stone surface struck with a bush hammer or axe. Once axed is rough fine axed is smooth.

awning window

Axminster: A type of knotted (woven) pile carpet made in England in the late 18th and 19th centuries. They were later made as cut pile carpets. The designs often inspired by European and oriental patterns. Axminster carpets are still referred to today however the term refers to a more generic type of carpet rather than the original. The Axminster of today is usually a very high quality carpet with the pattern woven in. It is usually of narrow loom width (900mm or 3 feet) rather than broad loom (3600mm or 12 feet).
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Aluminium: A lightweight metal which is easily shaped and is corrosion resistant. Small amounts of iron and silicon are usually added to the product to improve its durability. It was not commercially produced until the late nineteenth century, then it was used by furniture designers. Marcel Breuer and because of its lightweight. For more information on metals for interior design.

Eames_chair aluminium

Arc: A symmetrical bow shape or any continuous portion of a circle.


Art Deco: 1925, L’exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes. An exposition in Paris where the decorative design movement of Art Deco was named. Art Deco designers were antifunctional. They used vivid colour, motifs from early cultures, the Aztecs, and Egyptians, in the forms of geometric designs and exotic materials. They combined these forms with modern materials and production techniques of the period. In America and Europe the movement finished with the economic depression of the 1930’s.

art deco chair

art deco interior
art deco 2

Art Nouveau: Nature was the basis for the Art Nouveau Style, plant motifs, flattened curves. It originated in the late nineteenth Century, early twentieth in Europe and America.

Art Nouveau Cabinet Art Nouveau interior

Arts and Crafts: William Morris inspired this English Art Movement of the late nineteenth, early twentieth century. His aim was to offer a sturdy alternative to industrial products of nineteenth century furniture. His strong philosophies of this movement, hand craftsmanship, quality workmanship, artistic integrity and good materials, remained strong throughout Scandinavia and England well into the twentieth century.

Arts and crafts Morris chair

arts and crafts

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