Vibrant Workspace

Vibrant Colorful Workspace

Design Brief:

To create an office that was alive and vibrant, a space were the employees would feel stimulated.


This space is important as it is the client’s first impression of the company.

Drama has been incorporated here with the directional downlights highlighting the walls.

The reception counter only required one person to work at in a large space so a proportional size desk was designed with a little bit of fun in the form of Phillipe Starck table legs. The colors used on the walls are strong adding to the drama.


The studio has employees sitting at computer workstations most of the day. Color was required to make their workspace fun.

Deep tones of colors of high intensity have been used to create large blocks of color, adding lots of movement and fun to the workspaces.

Lots happening at this reception area.

Lots happening at this reception area

Stimulating and creative environment to work.

Stimulating and creative environment to work

Phillipe Starck Table Legs

Phillipe Starck Table Legs


Attention to detail makes all the difference in interior design.

The curved end of the counter resembles the end of a boat, the Phillipe Starck table legs add some fun and create a spacious weightless look.

Setting back the top and elevating it on posts mean that a large counter does not appear to take up a large space.


Lots of color, lots of fun, and lots of work being done in this vibrant workspace.


Written by Lee Brown

Color Consultant course