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Children and Baby’s Bedroom Home Decorating Resources

Children and baby’s bedrooms take on a charm all of their own. While the rest of the home may complement all the other rooms in the house the children and baby’s bedroom can be decorated or themed in so many fun and playful ways. Often its the parents and decorator that get the most fun out of this as they can indulge themselves in the past and also feel that this is another way of nurturing their child or baby.

There are so many ways to decorate that the themes can become confusing. A favorite for baby’s is the traditional pictures by Beatrix Potter used as a mural or frieze to the wall. Another very fun thing to do is painting the ceiling in stars and moons. Remember that when working on a nursery or baby’s bedroom that making the space feel calm is a good start, too much bright and visual stimulation and it will be difficult for the baby or the mother if breastfeeding there to relax.

Children’s bedrooms are a little different and they love to have their current favorite character as the theme to the room. The wonderful thing about this is that there are many items such as lamps, bed spreads and curtaining that is able to be used, for example, Bob the Builder or Disney characters such as Winnie the Pooh. All of these are available as the merchandise is another way for the company or “franchise” to make money.

Teenagers are a little different and while essentially still children they require what they perceive to be a little more sophisticated. Fortunately with bedspreads, curtains and lamps these are readily changed to suit the age and want of the child. Now the challenge is to the parent and designer to keep that area of the home tasteful. In any case the children and babys bedroom is often the most fun a decorator can have.

Find children’s bedroom resources below:

Presto Chango Decor Removable vinyl wall decor for children. Quick and easy to apply to any smooth surface. Fire trucks, fairies, farm animals, and more.

Inlaid Music Boxes, Ballerina Music Boxes, and Wooden Keepsake Boxes Children’s jewelry boxes, wooden jewelry boxes, and music figurines to last a lifetime. Exquisite musical jewelry boxes for music box lovers of all ages. Interesting music facts for music lovers.

Kidscomfortz – Custom Children’s Bedding Featuring custom children’s bedding and accessories from crib to teen. We have over 100 fabrics to pick from. Design a one-of-a-kind bed set for your one-of-a-kind child!

Kids Decor Galore Providing quality and designer baby, kids, and toddler bedding, furniture, storage, bedroom decor accessories, and more.

Baby Nursery Designer in New York Interior Designer specializing in luxury nurseries, children’s bedrooms and playrooms & baby trousseaus and soirees. Baby Fashion Stylist for photo opportunities.

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