Grommet Top

Grommet Top Curtains

These are similar to tab top curtains but have metal grommets (eyelets) fixed onto the head of the curtain at regular intervals.

They can then be threaded through a rod, pole or the more contemporary look, tension wire.

Grommet top curtains are often used with tension rods as shower curtains.

To create a nautical look in a holiday home, use stainless steel grommets with canvas, cotton duck, or drill, and use stainless steel tension wire.

Grommet Top Curtain

This picture shows the concept of the grommet top curtain being threaded through a rod.

grommet top curtains

This image shows grommet top curtains used in a living room with sheers and a decorative curtain. They are a no fuss style of curtain heading. Simple and they sit well on the rod.

grommet top curtains as room dividers

Grommet top curtains are used in this example as room dividers in a restaurant and bar, a very clever way to create privacy and add versatility to a room. The curtains can be drawn and the space opens out for large functions or as shown can be easily divided for a more intimate space.

As shown in two of the images the grommet eyelets have been used on sheer fabric, this is a job for an expert, I wouldn’t try making these at home, sheer fabric is difficult to work with and the eyelets require skill to fix ensuring that the sheer fabric doesn’t pull.

Another example of where they can be used is as a supported rail around a bed, for example in a hospital, or rest home.

For a more traditional look, attach decorative hooks through the grommet, and use a rod and ring system.

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