Casement Curtain

Casement Curtains, Rod Pocket, Panel Curtains, Pole Top Curtains

This style of curtain has many names. basically the casement curtain is best described as the top forms a pocket (or casement) that the fabric is then threaded onto a pole or rod. This is usually fixed outside the window frame. The fabric is sometimes difficult to pull across, so is often left in place and draped back to the sides of the windows and held in place with tie backs or hold backs.

Bishops Sleeve

A bishop’s sleeve is basically rod pocket curtains with extra length allowed for blousing, this allows the sides to be gathered with tiebacks back to the window frame to create multiple poufs and they often puddle on the ground. An elegant window treatment, with soft belowing top, tight middle and flowing puddling bottom.

Multiple poufs can be made but remember to keep them in proportion to the window size.

Casement Curtains

Casement curtains work well on windows that aren’t opened and closed frequently.

They are a good form of decorative curtain, or a curtain that is used just to add color and texture to a room and is not required to be functional.

Casement curtains are a low cost form of curtain as they don’t use a heading tape, hooks or expensive curtain tracks, they simply use a rod or pole.

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