Are You Searching for Unique Window Treatment Ideas?

There was a time in bygone years when people were very happy to cover their windows with plain ‘Venetian blinds’ to keep out the sun and to provide a little privacy from neighbors. We moved from the bulky blinds to more colorful levelor-style mini-slats in varying colors and hues. Neither of these options really expressed the essence of the home or the home maker. Today, our window coverings give visitors a glimpse into the personality of the home owner. However, many people in the market for new drapes or curtains are looking for unique window treatment ideas that set them apart from the norm.

Just because you want unique curtains does not mean that you are looking for something totally outlandish or garish, you just want something that is individual and suits your personality and your home. You have looked online to see what the traditional retailers have to offer and it appears that everything is made the same and in similar colors. Nothing strikes your fancy.

A Simple Process for Finding Unique Window Treatment Ideas

Find a paper and pencil and begin to make a plan. You say you will not know what you want until you see it. This may be true, but there are basic steps to take that will be time savers in the end and get you on the right path to discovering a unique window treatment idea that meets all your criteria.

Take it one room at a time. Each room in your house has a purpose. Obviously, you would not want to put living room drapes in your kitchen window. That sounds so simple, but you get the point. Let’s say you are looking to spruce up your bedroom. That would be the first word on your list. Do you plan to repaint your bedroom or leave the color as is? Do you have a new comforter or bedspread ensemble? What is the color of the walls and the bedding? Now the second line will be a group of colors that are existing or that will be some time in the near future.

Now you have a place to begin. What kind of feeling do you want to project? If this is the master bedroom for you and your spouse, you probably want it to be “unisex” – not feminine and not masculine. You can get fabulous curtain ideas that use patterns and textures to add interest to the room. You do not have to go for bland and boring. If you need to add warmth to an otherwise cold room, you want to add colors that hint at giving a warm feeling. You will discover excellent ideas using golds and jewel tones. Conversely, if you need to play down the heat in a room, using cool blues and greens will project a cool, calm serene atmosphere.

unique window treatment ideas
Wall to wall and ceiling curtains in a simple vertical stripe is a masculine fabric which creates a unique look in a bedroom – saves on fancy wallpaper adds softness and texture.

How formal do you want to be? Do you want drapes that you can open and close to protect the room from more heat or air conditioning loss? Do you prefer curtains that are used only as an accent to solidify the room and add interest? If you have answered all of these questions, then you have a real head start on finding your curtain styles and types.

You may not know it until you see it, but you know you are looking for a curtain ideas for your bedroom, that is a lightweight curtain, and you want it in shades of blue or green. You do not want it too frilly or too masculine. Just look at all the photos and ideas you are able to eliminate. However, you may see an idea or curtain you fall in love with but it is shown in a dark gray or other color that you just cannot use. This doesn’t mean you have to purchase that exact window treatment! You can have it copied in a color and pattern that fits your style, or maybe the company offers custom work and you can order it from them in the colors you want.

The whole idea about searching for curtain styles and types is to get your creative juices flowing – to help you pick out a style that it not the norm and fits your lifestyle and your budget.  We hope that this has given you a starting point for finding your own unique window treatment ideas.

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