Bedroom Feature Wall Color

Feature Wall Defines Color Theme

This contemporary styled bedroom is a very well balanced and ordered space.

The windows create a vertical height to the room, highlighted with the bordered roman blinds in the feature wall color.

The eye level is brought back down with the addition of two centrally placed mirrors in dark timber frames over the bed.

The color of the feature wall creates the backdrop to the bedroom setting. All other items in the bedroom pick up small pieces of this main color of the feature wall.

The feature wall color creates a backdrop for the bedroom.

It is a popular khaki green or lemon grass color and teams well with chocolate brown, light caramel and white. Without pattern this room relies on texture from the soft furnishings and carpet.

The thing I like about this bedroom is that it is well balanced as I mentioned earlier but the side tables are different and this adds the element of surprise.

I prefer the dark timber table with scrolled legs as it has high contrast to the wall and bedroom surroundings, and the fact that the other table is in fact a small chest of drawers provides individuality and shows that this room is not a hotel room but perhaps a guest room. the plant on the side table adds freshness an the picture frames add the human factor, so often missing from good interior design.

Overall a well designed and decorated bedroom with a very good use of color in the feature wall.

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