Ray Eames

Ray Eames (Ray Keiser) – American Modern Furniture Designer

Born Bernice Alexandra Kaiser, she legally changed her named in 1954 to Ray Bernice Alexandra Kaiser.

A creative woman and a 1933 graduate from the May Friend Bennett School in Millbrook, New York.

She then began to study painting at Hans Hoffmann’s School and took weaving classes.

Her painting work was exhibited in 1937 at the first American Abstract Artist’s group show in New York.

Whilst studying weaving at the Cranbrook Academy of Arts in Michigan, Ray Kaiser met Charles Eames who was Head of the Industrial Design Department.

Charles divorced his wife and married Ray a year later in Chicago, they then moved to California and began their combined legacy of design by experimenting to improve methods of molding plywood.

In written form she is often mistaken for Charles Eames’ brother due to her name. She designed furniture, and textiles and was involved in the film industry with Charles. They were a fun couple who continually experimented with new technology and products, together they set about changing the way we see furniture design today.

Charles and Ray Eames made well designed furniture available at low costs due to their choice of materials and simplicity of manufacture. Their designs are still being sold today and pop up on movie sets quite frequently.
DAR Chair
RAR Rocker
Storage Unit
Walnut Stools
Wirebase Table
Plywood CoffeeTable
670 Chair and 671 Ottoman
Aluminium Group
LCM Chair
La Chaise
LCW Chair
Elliptical Table

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