George Nelson Marshmallow Sofa

Marshmallow Sofa by Irving Harper for George Nelson 1956

Modern Furniture Profile

This funky piece of furniture oozes fun!

It is constructed of a black enamelled tubular steel frame and has detachable vinyl covered foam circular cushions for ease of cleaning.

Only hundreds of the Marshmallow sofa’s were ever produced between 1956 – 1963.

They were available in fabric, vinyl or leather upholstery and the brightly coloured option of shocking pink, purple and orange vinyl was one of the most popular.

It was designed for commercial contract use but led the way for residential furniture’s future path in the 1960’s

It’s design encapulates original thinking, fun and novel themes of humor and makes a focal point of any room.

The ability to see through the sofa means that it keeps on open plan space light and airy.

It was a catalyst for the Pop Art Movement in the 1960’s. It’s explosive look creates movement and aesthetically it could well be a piece of sculpture in any art gallery.

It is now produced by Herman Miller under license.

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