Dining Room Color Ideas

Dining Room Color Ideas

Original Scheme

This dining room is neutral and plain, this small dining space requires a dramatic colorful scheme to define it as an individual space and make it original. We have some dining room color ideas for changing walls with paint. A simple way to makeover a room.

Original Dining Room

Option One

Navy blue as the back wall color in the dining room helps enclose the space and make it more symmetrical. The steel grey to the side walls defines and encloses the space but to a lesser extent. The scheme is traditional to tie in with the solid timber frames of the artwork, and the chairs. It is cold and sterile and lacks life.

Feature dining room wall color blue.

Option Two

This dining room wall color scheme is bold and bright, sensational for the cooler side of the house where this space is situated, it receives indirect natural light so the wall color won’t become too intense. It creates a great breakfast and lunch dining area but is probably lacking for evening dining as the single pendant light will not provide enough illumination to highlight the wall colors. A little too intense for some though!

Dining room wall color orange and green.

Option Three

Dining room option three is burgundy wine and tan which is another traditional option. The burgundy is from the red hue, and ideal for a dining space, its depth and tone enclose the space and make it more intimate. The tan also has good depth, but not as much and contrasts well with the burgundy. Both enhance the natural color of the timber frames of the artwork and the timber chairs. This space would be very romantic with the existing pendant lighting and the addition of a few candles for evening dining.

Dining room wall colors a traditional option.

Written by Lee Brown

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