Apartment Dining Room

Small Apartment Dining Room Makeover on a Shoestring Budget

Client Brief:

To lift the apartments’ spirit and create a defined separate dining room or space in a one living roomed apartment for the minimum amount of expenditure as possible, $200.00

Original Dining Space

This dining space lacked depth and definition, basically requiring a face lift.

The carpet had color and there was natural light into the area. They had good quality decorative accessories but just didn’t know where to use them.

New Dining Space

A strong yellow ochre paint was applied to the back wall, which provides a bold contrast with the dark rich timber furniture and the soft greens of the carpet.

This defined the dining area within the space.

The addition of a picture with golden tones and gold frame added interest and created a focal point for the dining area.

(For information on how to group pictures on a wall)

The remaining walls received a warm cream paint color.

Original dining space

Original dining space

New dining room space.
New dining room space.
All of this was achieved within the $200 budget and with a minimum of fuss and interruption to living in the house.

As time passed, further decoration was added to this space, an area rug was purchased to create the illusion of a separate area, a new roman blind was added in soft creams to blend in with the wall color and reduce the changes of color on the adjacent wall.

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