Modern Living Room Ideas

Modern Living Room Ideas

Modern living rooms differ to the traditional and ornate in that they are usually simple in their approach and often minimalist with strong accent on color and simple form. This simple room is basically black and white with an accent on the Arne Jacobsen egg chair in a soft yellow. It works well as the decoration is subtle in a small space. Imagine if the room used bright or dark colors. It would close up immediately, yet even in this small space its interesting and feels large.

My only criticism is that the television, as the dominant focal point could have easily been hidden or placed discreetly out of view with a cabinet incorporating the storage unit at the base. On the other hand it may be that the owners and designer wanted this as a media area only, although if that was the case I would have removed the chandelier and central coffee table and added dimmable led lights or downlights to the ceiling away from the television area.

Modern Living Room Ideas

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The central area rug in dark grey grounds the room and defines the space with its wooden floor boarder. You will note that the profile of the furniture including coffee table, egg chair and footstool, cabinet and sofa are all low which adds to spacious feeling of the room. There are no barriers to the visual line of the window and the circulation space is clear and uncluttered with decoration.

More Modern Living Room Ideas

Another method of keeping this space open and airy is to use the same white on the walls and the ceiling. There are no cornices or contrasting colors just the different shades of white caused by the different angles of light on the surfaces, not different colors.  To add to the room while keeping the same design integrity it would be necessary to keep all furniture in the same tones and with the same site line. To achieve this, ottomans could be used for additional seating and using the interior of those for storage. Low level shelving could easily match the cabinetry below the television and magazine storage could easily be built into the underside of the coffee table.

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