Modern Living Room Colors

Ideas for Modern Living Room Colors

In this picture we have a contemporary room using intense color to give high contrast and a striking impression. The idea is fine however perhaps the choice of the color strength isn’t working with the floor or cabinetry. The proportions and layout work and yet the television is still the main focus which will impact on the comfortable alternative uses for the space.The low visual line allows plenty of light and barrier free vision creating an open and inviting space. With a modern interior such as this it is often what the designer is trying to achieve – keeping the space open and flowing. A more intimate setting would use softer color combinations and the furniture would be more enclosing.
bright living room color

With modern living room colors, changing the color scheme is a simple way to make this area feel a little more cohesive and intimate without changing the furniture.  It can be achieved by simply changing upholstery and paint.

modern living room color

The darker tone to the back wall is closing the space up a little while still competing with the large amount of light coming into the room. The blue on the chairs grounds them more but there are still other options which may work better.

color schemes for modern living

Changing the background green to the green yellow is working better with the blue furniture and starting to tie the floor and cabinetry into the space, creating a more harmonious feel.

living room modern color scheme ideas
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Taking a step back, another option is to tie the furniture together and retain the lime green wall as a feature. It is still a color that doesn’t fully work in this space as it is not balanced however the cabinetry and upholstery color is now distributed evenly throughout the space and is easier on the eye and makes the lime green wall a feature.

modern living room colors

In this scene the furniture has been covered in a rich brown colored leather which sits well with the flooring and the feature wall has had the green deepened and darkened a few shades to help even the weight of the furniture. The cabinetry now works with the furniture and the feature wall sets it all off as a high contrast but complimentary feature.

modern living room color ideas

Finally if going for a bright color scheme that ties in with the browns of the furniture, orange can be a good choice for ultra modern living yet still ties in with the chocolate brown and tan tones of the cabinetry and floor.

To conclude with modern living room colors,  color can make or break a space and it all depends on your taste as to the type of color scheme you choose. More importantly you can change the whole look and feel of the room with color which can be far more economical than purchasing new furniture. So when creating a color scheme for your modern living room, have a think about the furniture you have and how often you want to change the look of the interior. Color is a fantastic way to revitalize a space every few years.

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