Ecospiral® – Energy Efficient Light Bulb by Energy Mad is excited to be able to educate you on forward thinking design products for use now and into the future. Using the Ecospiral® is a simple way to save energy and help the environment, whilst keeping the lighting integrity for our interiors. I can remember getting excited about the first energy saving light bulbs that were available, but was bitterly disappointed as they looked ugly and the light output was of very poor quality. Times have changed and now Energy Mad produce these amazing high quality CFL’s. They have definitely changed my way of thinking about energy efficient lighting.


energy efficient lighting - ecospiral

What is an Ecospiral®?

An ecospiral is a CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp). When compared to an ordinary incandescent light bulb it will produce the same amount of light using a whopping great 80% less electricity. This savings is achieved because unlike the incandescent bulb that has to heat a tungsten filament to achieve light output and this also produces unrequired heat, the CFL uses electronics to “excite the phosphor coating inside the tube to emit visible light,”  with no excess heat.

Advantages of using Ecospiral® over other Bulbs

Ecospirals® are environmentally friendly as they last up to twice as long as other energy saving bulbs reducing the impact on fossil fuel. They reduce green house gas emissions, they have a very low amalgam content, they use recyclable packaging, with a high power factor they generate less distortion on the power grid,  because of the 15,000 hour life they save either 15 standard bulbs or 2 average energy saving bulbs from landfills. This is just the beginning to the advantages they provide. I am sure you have a lot of questions. You can find the answers at the link below.


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Benefits of using Ecospiral®

Keep more cash in your pocket

Achieves quality light output

Longer bulb life than any other CFL’s

Two year warranty

So many advantages for the environment

The Energy Mad company is committed to quality

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