Children’s Decoration Tips

Children’s Decoration Tips

Fun Ideas for Decorating with Children

Use these children’s decoration tips to get your kids involved in decorating their own bedroom. It doesn’t have to cost lots of money, just get creative.

A great way to teach your kids recycling and have fun is to collect old cards, pictures of things your child likes from magazines, photos of family, friends etc and artwork that they have created. Paste them onto an A3 piece of card. Laminate it and then you can use it as a table place mat for meal times, it is easy to clean and makes meal time interesting. (They make great gifts for family and for your kid’s friends too).

You can also use cards to place into small picture frames for wall decoration for your child’s room. They can be updated frequently and you child gets to have a say in the decorating of their room. They add color and texture to the room, and are great way to make a space your own if you have a rental property.

Paranoia steals into my thinking when I think of my daughter’s fear of spiders, and some children are afraid of bugs finding them when they are sleeping. To help them get over this fear which can be very strong and frightening for them, try installing a mosquito net over their bed. This should stop any creepy crawlies as well as creating a decorative look for the bedroom.

Cards used in simple frames
Cards used in simple frames

Furniture is a great way to decorate a child’s room, you can paint existing furniture in fun colors or simply make your drawers look more fun by changing the knobs. You can use wooden toy animals, plastic flowers, or paint the existing knobs to look like lady bugs, a pig or mouse’s nose. Get creative. You can also purchase very creative children’s furniture knobs at most design stores for a reasonable cost, and the kid’s love picking out which ones they like. My daughter has different designed knobs on all her drawers and that is how we remember what is in her drawers, for example her hats and tights are in the love heart drawer, her singlets in the little girl drawer, her t shirts in the little boy drawer and so on! I am trying to teach her how to find things and put them away. Who says decoration is only for aesthetic reasons?

Children’s taste in color matures just like our own, as they get older, they often like to have some input in how their personal space looks and feels.This can be done simply if you already have painted furniture. You can paint the walls and the furniture to match the color that your child is happy being in at that point of time.

Some people don’t have the luxury of a designated play area in their home for their children to mess up and close the door. This makes sharing spaces with children, adults and toys a problem, they get stood on and broken and look untidy. To be able to overcome this and share your living space, use a large timber trunk and store the toys and books in there. When your children have finished playing, load everything back in and you have your “adult” space returned and a decorative trunk that fits in perfectly with your design scheme, you can even use it as a coffee table.

If you rent a house and are unable to make permanent changes to your surroundings then use novelty cushions as a fun way to add color to your child’s environment.

This was the best idea I ever had. I made a pin board from cork tiles and painted it, hung it on my daughter’s wall and we now have a space to display the endless supply of drawings, certificates, paintings and photos that she collects. It adds color and personalizes the room, filling it with all the things that they love, and can be changed frequently.

To make the ceiling a better place in the room, hang mobiles, or stick on place night glow stars and moons. We often have every thing at small child’s level and forget about the ceiling, and as they roll around a lot on the floor and are constantly staring at the ceiling when they are trying to get to sleep it does make sense to decorate it.

For some casual fun use bean bags – now available in exhaustive designs from soccer balls to cuddly toys with arms, or make large floor cushions. These are an easy way to introduce color and texture as well as being useful places to rest or read, or make huts out of!

Children’s room can often be small and they always have so many things to store, so ensure that you use every bit if space in their room available. Under the bed is a great place to have roll-away storage containers for toys, or this space can be used for a trundler bed for visiting friends. This keeps the room open and is a good use of space.

I hope these tips give you some ideas to start decorating your children’s bedroom.

Written  by Lee Brown

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