What is Sinkage, Shading, Screed?

What is Sinkage, Shading, Screed?

Find the meanings of Sinkage, Shading and Screed

More design definitions detailed below are Saddle Leather, Sailcloth, Sandstone, Saponification, Sateen, Satin, Saxony,Screed, Scumble, Shantung, Sisal.

Saddle Leather: This is thick cut cow hide. It is used when a strong, stable, durable covering is required without a lot of flexibility. In furniture it is used for upholstery covers and supporting seat and back slings.

Sailcloth: Sturdy utility fabric. Suitable for outdoor use.



Sandstone: It is derived from sedimentary rocks; deposits of sediment being laid down under water or air formed these. It is used more in outdoor paving than indoor, but looks great in an area that flows to the outdoors such as a conservatory. Its irregular natural pattern is its best feature and can range from a grainy timber look to stripes and speckles. It is beige, brown, reddish brown, in colour and some stones are hardwearing.



Saponification: (paint) is a sticky paint film that is oozing with a brown soapy liquid. Applying an oil paint on new alkali surfaces or applying paint to surfaces that are likely to be splashed by alkali solutions causes it. To prevent this seal the substrate with an alkali resistant paint or latex paint or chemically resistant paint.



Sateen: (fabric) Sturdy, glossy surface – similar to satin. Often used as lining for drapery.



Satin: (fabric) Smooth, glossy, rich silk. Often used for luxury drapes.

Satin: (wallcovering) A sheen is achieved on the paper from polishing or glazing the ground before putting the design on it.

Satinette: (wallcovering) A sheen is achieved by adding mica into the ground.

Saturation (Chroma): is the measure of intensity or purity of a colour. Chroma is the factor that shows the difference from a pure hue to a grey shade.

Saxony: This carpet has a shorter pile and closer weave than shag pile. It is a dense cut pile carpet with heavily treated yarns, ensuring that each tuft of yarn can be seen.


Screed: Plaster, concrete or mortar finishing layer of floor surface.



Screeded Concrete: Concrete with smooth top layer.

Screen Printing: (fabric) This is a method of printing that forces dye through a prepared sheet of fine fabric to create the design on the cloth behind.

Scrubbable: (wallcovering) Marvellous invention! This provides a very durable surface that can repel dampness, dirt and steam. Ideal for wet areas such as kitchen and bathrooms and high maintenance areas, children’s bedrooms. When the paper gets soiled – a wipe with a damp cloth or a light scrub will remove the mess.

Scumble: (paint) This is a translucent coloured medium, which is applied over a dry substrate of a different colour. While the scumble is wet, it is manipulated to reveal portions of the substrate colour. It’s requirements are that it must remain open long enough to be worked. It should retain its shape when worked and not flow out and it must be clear coated to provide protection and durability.



Seal: A preparation used to coat a surface and protect it from soiling and wear; water contained in a trap (e.g. P or S in a drain pipe, which stops foul air escaping out of drain.

Seconds: Used bricks ‑ very often more attractive than new ones.

Secret Nailing: Nails driven at an angle through tongue of one board and covered by tile groove of the next.

Secret Nailing


Septic Tank: Independent drainage system used when main drainage is unavailable. Sewage is purified by bacterial action.

Services: Supply and distribution pipes for water, gas, electricity, and drainage.

Shade: Color with black added, indicates the range from a pure hue to black.

Shading: (carpet) This is irregular light and dark patches occurring on the carpet. It looks similar to tracking but it is not temporary. It is more obvious in plain dark colours so ensure you consider this factor on selecting a carpet, as shading isn’t a manufacturing defect, as it doesn’t affect the products durability.

Shag Pile: This is a loosely woven carpet with a long cut pile, very popular in the 1970’s. Used mainly as a decorative carpet, as it has a long coarse messy look that is not practical for a whole house, especially high traffic areas and stairs.Shag Pile

Shantung: (fabric) A heavy grade pongee. Also imitated in other fibers.


Shiplap Boarding: Weatherboarding, but of rectangular cross‑section, with a rebate cut along each edge.

Silk: The only natural fiber that comes in a filament form, reeled from the cocoon, cultivated or wild. Discovered by the Chinese. This luxury fiber, while somewhat costly and fragile, is valued for its unique texture and surface gloss and luxurious appearance. It has a good resistance to soiling, but is easily damaged by exposure to UV light. The fabric is strong resilient and crease resistant. Colors may not be fast and dry cleaning is often recommended. Figured Silk – often called diasper is woven in a monochrome or in two colors of silk, a type of lampas.

Silver Grain: (timber) is fine pale grey shiny flecks of wood ray seen in quarter-sawn oak or beech.

Simplex: (wallcovering) A simple type of wall hanging. A single thickness of paper with a design printed on the face.

Sinkage: (paint) is the failure of a paint or varnish to keep up its original shine or sheen. Applying the paint over insufficiently sealed absorbent surfaces, or using the wrong paint system causes it. A wet paint film may be affected by damp weather or condensation. To prevent this ensure surfaces are properly sealed, use the correct paint system, and apply paint in the conditions specified on the can.

Sisal: Fibre used for ropes, mats, floor covering, etc.

Sisal Carpeting: It is cheap and hardwearing, woven from spun cord product, which has a coarse feel underfoot. It has become popular and is now available in numerous colors and designs. To enhance its durability an underlay is recommended. The tighter the weave, the better the quality.



Size: Liquid sealer applied before paint on wood to prevent too much paint being absorbed; also applied to plaster walls before papering to ease hanging.
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