What is Modinature, Monochromatic and Mosaic?

What is  Modinature, Monochromatic and Mosaic?

Design Meanings for Monochromatic, Mosaic and Monochromatic with more architectural meanings below.

Modinature, Muslin, Miserere, Mitre, Modified Rayon, Modillion, Mohair, Moire, Monopteral, Mold or Fungus, Mullion, Mural.

Miserere: the projecting bracket on the under side of the seats of stalls in churches.


Mitre: the line formed by the meeting of molding’s or other surfaces, which intersect or intercept each other at an angle. Note that the angle is not necessarily at 90 degrees.

Modified Rayon: (textiles) (Modal) It is a cellulose fiber made from cotton waste or wool, it is used in mixtures and blends to modify the properties of natural and synthetic fibers. They are strong while wet, the fabric wrinkles and it is hand washable. It looks very much like cotton and has almost equal properties.

Modillion: projecting brackets under the corona of the Corinthian and composite and occasionally of the Roman ionic orders.


Modinature: The general arrangement/distribution of the moldings of an order, a building or any architectural member.




Mohair: (textiles) Goat hair, (often mixed with cotton or wool). Sturdy and durable. May have a woven pattern. It is usually considered a wool.

Moiré: A finish given cotton, silk, acetate, rayon, nylon etc where bright and dim effects are observed. This is achieved by passing the fabric between engraved rollers that press the particular motif in place. Watered textural effect.

Moire: (wallcovering) these have a satin or satinette ground and have a finely engraved embossing.

Monochromatic (tonal) Color Scheme: Using any shade, tint or tone of one color. It provides a peaceful and restrained color scheme.




Monopteral: a circular form of Temple consisting of a roof supported on columns.



Mosaic: This is a decorative work made up of small pieces of tile (stone or glass in the traditional form), which are laid to form pictures or patterns. It is a very ancient art form and was made popular in the Byzantine period. It is very durable, hard, cold underfoot (flooring), noisy and of course expensive.

Mosaic Work: ornamental work formed by inlaying small pieces of glass and stone.

Mold or Fungus: (paint) is multi colored or patches on infected areas. The cause is airborne spores feeding and multiplying on the organic matter in the paint together with poor ventilation, dampness and condensation. The best form of prevention is to find the cause of the dampness and correct it. Sterilise with a fungicidal solution then check for the problem reoccurring. Then paint with fungicidal paint.

Mullion: the division between the lights or glazed pats of a window.

Multicoloured Finish Paint: These paints contain combinations of coloured globules, which on application to a surface by a spraying method form a flecked or speckled effect coating. This type of finish has good adhesion, is very durable and washable. It is ideal for the use in schools, large institutions and hospitals as it can be easily repaired on a patch basis, and is cost effective in these situations, saving the need to repaint entire walls.

Mural: (wallcovering) These depict a scene or landscape. They are often made of several lengths.

Muslin: Lightweight utility cloth. Economical, often used as under layer for upholstery cover.

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