Meanings of Zig Zag, Zinc Chromes and Yarns

Design Meanings for Zig Zag, Zinc Chromes, Yarns and fibers

Find the meanings for zig zag, zinc chromes, yarns and fibers.

Yarns and Fibers: Yarns are threads, which are made up of fibers. These may be from animal, vegetable or man made fibers.

All fibers must go through a spinning process to produce the yarn, during which they may be blended together providing options for different fabric types.

Some fabrics are named after the yarn, silk or cotton, while others may be named referring to their make up or weave/pattern type, damask or twill. For more information on yarns and fibers and fabrics

wool fibers made into yarn





Wool fibers are spun to form a yarn, in this example above the yarn has then been made into crewelwork.












Silk is a wonderful natural fiber, shown in this photograph being used as a bedding fabric, silk is very warm and lightweight.

Zinc Chromes: Bright yellow pigments that are mostly zinc chromate combined with some zinc hydroxide.

Zig Zag: A zigzag is a pattern consisting of small corners at variable angles, it looks jaggered but with a regular form. Pinking sheers used for sewing create a zig zag edge to fabric. In architecture is is an architectural decoration consisting of moldings running in zig zag lines, used  in Islamic, Byzantine, Norman and Romanesque architectural periods.


zig zag molding

This picture demonstrates a Zig Zag wall molding.

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