Design Terms for Altar, Anaglypta, Analogous and More

Architectural and Design Terms for Altar, Anaglypta, Analogous and more

Definitions for Alkali, Alkali Resistant, Almery, Altar, Amenity Lighting, Amphitheater, Anaglypta, Andirons, Angle rafter, Annulet, Anta and Analogous Color Scheme

Alkali:Opposite to acid. Includes soda, potash, ammonia etc. Produces caustic or corrosive solutions, which neutralize acids.

Alkali Resistant:Paint used on new plaster, which is durable in contact with lime.

Almery: A cupboard, when beside the altar to contain the sacred vessels.

Altar: An elevated table or slab.

stone altar

Amenity Lighting: This is the overall lighting not used for specific work. It is the overall or background lighting.
Amphitheater: A round or oval theater with tiers of seats.




Anaglypta:(wall covering) this is a very heavily embossed type of duplex paper. (From the Greek Ana Relief Glypta Cameo). It must be painted after being hung and is used on walls as well as ceiling. It is not recommended for use in service areas.

Andirons: either of a pair of metal stands used on a hearth to support burning logs.


Angle rafter: a hip rafter or that used from the corner of a building.

hip rafter


Annulet: A small flat fillet or ring encircling a column.


Anta: The same as a pilaster but applied to Greek architecture where the Anta capital is different from that of the columns accompanying it. A portico is said to be in antis when the end walls project flush with the columns.


Analogous (related) Color Scheme: Composed of two or more harmonious or pleasing colors closely related that lie next to each other on the color wheel. This color scheme provides a pleasing effect on the eye.

Analogous color scheme

Analogous color scheme, using yellow (gold bed head), yellow-orange (buttery cream bedspread ) and orange (table cloth and large pillows) makes a simple harmonious and easy on the eye combination.

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