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Architectural Terms and Definitions for Arcade, Arch, Arch Stone and more

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Arcade: An arched passage often with shops on one or either side. A row of arches.

arcade, traditional meaning

Arch: A curved unit of construction often formed from stones called voussoirs that form the opening supported on columns.


Arch stone: The stones shaped like a wedge in an arch more commonly called a voussior. The Keystone being the stone at the very centre top to hold the others in place. The arch is held by the shaped compression.

Arch components

Architect: One who designs and supervises the construction of buildings, has trained at university for many years and stretches the boundaries of construction and engineering to create habitable built forms of art.

Architrave: The word is derived from the lowest part of the entablature in Greek Architecture. Today it refers to a decorative trim used to hide a joint. E.g. between a door frame and the wall. Wooden trimming round door and window frames to cover the joint between the frame and the wall. For interior decorating purposes, it is a great feature for being able to highlight an opening with the use of color.


Archivolt: An architrave that follows the line of an arch.





Arena: The floor of an amphitheater.

amphitheater arena


Aris: The sharp edge of a brick or plaster. To aris the edge is to take the sharp edge off. Term is also used in timber joinery.


Arrowback Chair: An American variation of the Windsor chair in which the spindles flare outwards. The chair was popular after 1830.

arrowback chair

Ash: A pale hardwood from white to light brown in color.

Ash Veneer timber

Ashlar: Hewn or squared stone used in building.

ashlar stone

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