Definitions of Antiquing, Anti Fungus Paint, Apartment

Definitions and Photos of Antiquing, Anti Fungus Paint, Apartment

Meanings for Anthemion, Anti Bandit Glass, Anti Fungus Paints, Anti Slip Paint, Antiquing, Apartment, Applique, Apron, Arabesque and Araeostyle.

Anthemion: A decorative motif resembling the honeysuckle flower and leaves, of Greek origin.


Anti Bandit Glass: Security glass to delay forced access. Often with a thick plastic film laminated between tow pieces of thick toughened glass. Comes in varying grades.

Anti bandit glass

Anti Fungus Paints: these paints contain toxic compounds, which kill any fungi attempting to feed from it. Some paint have a fungicide added to them, these sometimes do not last the duration of the paint films life.

anti fungus and anti fouling paint

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Anti Slip Paint: Paint that contains a grit (sand, plastic chips, cork dust) that forms a grippable surface( i.e. breaks the surface tension of water).

Antiquing: (paint effects) this is the process of artificially aging paint. It can be achieved by rubbing over the new paint with a darker glaze or color wash. This creates a dirtier color. Burnt umber, umber or raw sienna are popular dirty colors to use. It is then rubbed into and off the paint in an irregular manner. Using steel wool and rubbing off the new paint to create a patchy worn look can also achieve it. It can be used on furniture and walls.


Apartment: Flat, Maisonette, Accommodation, usually within a complex of similar units using inter-tenancy walls and floors. Vary in size and standard.

Applique: This is applying one piece of fabric to another larger piece. The motif may be a single piece of fabric or numerous pieces forming a design when stitched down. The stitching is worked around the edges of the motif.


Apron: Horizontal panel or board underneath a window and projecting slightly into the room.

Arabesque: A Moorish design of scroll work, leaves, flowers, and interlaced branches. Used on 16th and 17th century Spanish and Portuguese furniture.


Araeostyle: A style of Grecian temple in which the columns are placed at the distance of four and occasionally five diameters apart.


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