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What is Acrylic, Adirondack Furniture, Adobe, Aedicule, Adhesive Stains, Aggregate, Air Conditioning, Air Lock, Airbrick and Aisle?

Acrylic:(textiles) Are made from petroleum. They have wool-like fibers. It is not as strong as polyester/nylon. Mod acrylics are also named because they have been chemically modified to offer good flame resistance. They don’t wrinkle or crease easily.

Acrylic clothAcrylicAcrylic weaving

Adirondack Furniture: A rustic furniture made in North America in the mid 1800’s from roughly hewn timber and bent branches and logs.


Adobe: Sun-baked bricks or blocks reinforced with straw. Usually 450 x 300 x 10 mm. Context used in a plaster rendition.


Aedicule: the architectural frame of an opening consisting of the two columns supporting the entablature and pediment.


Adhesive Stains: (wallcovering) stains appear on the paper face, caused by bad pasting methods or poor paper handling.

Aggregate: Stone gravel sand of different sizes to form the bulk to mixtures such as concrete plaster or asphalt or a macadam road. The major component of plaster, concrete, asphalt or tarmacadam. It is usually broken stones, slag gravel, or sand.


Air conditioning: Air that is treated as it comes into the house. Either cooled heated and or filtered. Usually, air-conditioning is the result of a ventilation system incorporating a heat pump.

Air Lock: A device that stops air movement (flow) often just two doors separating the exterior from the interior from being in direct contact.

Air brick: Perforated block built into walls to ventilate a room or the underside of a wooden floor.

air brick

Aisle: The lateral division of a church or its wings.



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