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Interior Design Trends

There are many movers and shakers in the design industry that dictate future trends, but they aren’t the sole drivers of design fashion. The client or you are also responsible for guiding trends and positioning them within the marketplace so here are my ideas for interior design trends for this year.

Over the last few years most of us have experienced a change of thinking, influenced by the global recession. The biggest question is do I need this or do I just want it because it is the latest trend in interior design? Are you guilty of this? Previously have you gone in to do a remodel and decided it’s easier to strip everything out and start again? Or thrown away perfectly good furniture because it doesn’t suit your new style of theme that you want in your living room? Tossed out perfectly good curtains because you were sick of the color? Or just shopped for something to pass the time? I am sure that we will all be guilty of one of these things, but over the last few years, have you changed your thinking? Do you now take a look at the price tag before you “have to have it”, do you think about recovering chairs instead of buying new ones, or selling old curtains to pay for the new rather than dumping them in the land fill, buy an area rug instead of re carpeting the living room?

What is the greatest new trend in interior design and decorating?

reduce, reuse,  recycleI believe that the greatest new trend in interior design and decorating is being resourceful. Using what we have and making it go further, we are going back to the old way of thinking, the time after the WW11 when there were shortages of things, people had to make do with what they could muster, this was a great time for invention as it made people get creative and inventive. I also believe that we are going back to our roots and learning not to be wasteful. A slightly obscure example that I have experienced here in New Zealand is that people are buying chickens or hens, apart from providing great eggs, they eat all the food scraps, reducing the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill. I think that our children have been educated in reduce, reuse and recycle and it is starting to take effect. Old business computers are being collected and overhauled and used in schools, online auction sites have been a great way to reuse and recycle. They are easy to use and usually both parties are happy, the buyer gets a great piece of furniture for example for a cheap price and the seller gets some money for something it would have cost him to dump at the landfill. Everyone makes on the deal.

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I recently reread this article which you may find interesting about interior design trends for 2011 I believe it is still relevant today.

The best place to find color trends is by looking at paint and fabric manufacturers new swatches and product launches. They design all their color ranges in advance and dictate to a degree which color combinations are available. They have reliable information from color trend companies and pay a lot of money to make sure they design and place their product where it will be popular and purchased.

Summary of interior design and decorating trends

To summarize, it is the consumer who dictates the trends in the end, if the consumer doesn’t like the color, product, design or the price tag, then they won’t buy it. You can have all the color and trend forecasting in the world but if the market is changing it’s way of thinking then you have to rethink your ideas of trend, the new look of the market place and the future of the reduce, reuse and recycle generation coming through.

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Written by Lee Brown

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