Why do you need Curtain Linings for your Curtains?

Curtain linings are mostly an after thought when selecting your curtain fabrics.

Suprisingly curtain lining is equally as important as the aesthetic factor of the main fabric, as it is required to perform many different functions.

Curtain linings provide fullness in a curtain, they protect the fabric from the dirt and grime entering from the window side.

They act as an insulator, trapping heat between the curtain lining and the curtain fabric, they help reduce street noise, they protect the fabric from any moisture that may arise on the window i.e. condensation which over time could cause mould.

Black out lining can block out unwanted light entering a room.

Curtain linings can often be made on a separate tape so that they can be removed from the main curtain and washed or replaced. So to conclude, it is a wise choice to line your curtains.

Use the same lining throughout the house for your thermal curtains

Remember that others will be able to see your curtain linings, ensure that you use the same lining throughout the house if you can especially if your windows are very visable to others like the ones in this photograph!

Thermal Curtains – Curtain Lining for Insulation or Noise Reduction

Noise reduction can be achieved by using a heavy fabric with bumph lining covering all of the window and overlapping at the sides. It will reduce the noise but not eliminate it; this can be achieved by using double-glazing in the windows. Insulation can be achieved by using a medium to heavy fabric or a tightly woven fabric, lining this, covering the entire window overlapping the sides. It is also useful if you have some form of blind as well on the window.

Curtain Linings for Keeping Light Out and Privacy

Keeping the light out at night can be achieved by using a black out lining. This is extremely useful in bedrooms. Privacy can be achieved in many ways – by the use of nets, blinds or curtains, it depends if it is a 24-hour a day requirement or just for the evenings. A simple sheer draped over the window with a hold back (for when you don’t require the privacy) and released when you do. You could use a curtain in a similar fashion for increased privacy or any form of curtain that can be drawn.

Thermal Coated Lining on a curtain track with a pencil pleated heading

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