Bay Window Curtain Poles

Bay Window Curtain Pole Decoration using a Valance

Bay Windows are often Difficult to Decorate

Bay windows are a beautiful feature of homes. Unfortunately everyone wants to cover them up with curtains.

Bay windows are generally found in older homes, they have usually been well considered and the windows have lovely proportions and design features but these homes tend to have little or no insulation, therefore we need to decorate the bay window with curtains to reduce the draughts and heat loss.

Bay window curtains with a window valance and roman blinds

So what are the choices for bay window decoration?

It is important to treat the bay window as a whole unit, rather than individual windows otherwise the window will become cluttered and lose the design features. Therefore bay windows are generally decorated with a curtain pole or rod, track that follows the line of the window. Sheers can be used if privacy is a requirement, otherwise, I would leave these out, as we want to see the windows and their view, what we really want is to keep the house warm at night.

So floor length curtains are best, hung from a ceiling mounted track or pole / rod and drawn back to each side away from the windows. A variation on this and a good solution if you don’t have any fixing areas to use a ceiling mounted track is to ignore the fact that the window has a curved form and use the wall as the line for the curtains, in other words, use a standard curtain track or pole / rod, this will only work however if the bay window has a lowered ceiling like the example above. To hide the track or rod / pole and add decoration a window valance can be used. I think that the addition of roman blinds to this window in a very dark colored fabric closes in the room and loses the design form of the bay window. The valance and curtains however work well in the space.

bay window curtain decoration window valance

This bay window has been treated in a similar fashion, with a curtain and a window valance which also looks like a pelmet, but this time, the windows are really the feature of this. A curtain pole or rod, track has been used to follow the line of the bay window and a window valance in the form of a highly ornate tapestry cleverly used to hide the rod, pole or track and be the double feature with the bay window. This application of curtain design is perfect for this room, we see the feature of the bay window and have it framed with wonderful velvet curtains topped with a rich ornate tapestry valance. You can envisage the look at night when the curtains are drawn, a lovely soft lined nook would be created.

So you can see that it is not difficult to decorate bay windows, simply think of them as one window and your options are vast! I say this then automatically think of the exception. If you have a window seat or radiators around the bay windows, then you just follow the same principals, except you would not take the curtain to the floor, take it above the radiator or window seat.

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