Asian Grommet Top Curtain

Grommet Top or Eyelet Curtains as Decorative Feature with an Asian Look

This contemporary dining area could almost be classed as Asian in its concept.

The use of cream translucent fabric to the roman blinds is deceiving if you look in the first photograph you hardly notice them, but in the second when they are drawn the dining room is transformed and the ceiling to ground roman blinds resemble the look of Japanese shoji doors – very creative.

If the decorative curtains to the corners were omitted it would look very Asian or Japanese inspired.

Blinds are barely noticable in this photograph.

These decorative curtains are a novel way to use grommet top, or eyelet curtains. They are fixed in place with a rod and decorative finial. The fabric adds color and texture to the dining room but in these two photographs it is difficult to tell weather the room is balanced as we don’t see the other corner to see if there is another curtain to make the curtains look symmetrical.

The roman blinds are drawn and what a difference it makes to the look of the room.

Presently the room is unbalanced as all the color and texture of the grommet top curtains is focused in one area. I think the room is lacking something but I am not sure what, perhaps an area floor rug to define the dining area, or a feature centerpiece on the dining table.

It has some interesting interior decorating concepts but needs more work. I love the roman blinds and think that the Asian inspired influence style should be pursued to greater detail.

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