Types of Pillows

Find the Perfect Pillow for your Bedroom

Ensuring you have a good nights sleep is an easy way to increase your physical and mental health and have you bouncing out of bed in the morning ready to face the day.

Many people realise the quality of their bed is important feature of a good nights sleep, but not many think of their pillow.

Like a bed, I cannot tell you which one is best for you, as we all like them different. So instead, here is a summary of the different types of pillows to aid you in your choice.

Types of Pillows

Latex Pillows

Latex pillows are the firmest of pillows, so if you like a soft, squishy pillow steer away. They often come moulded to a certain shape for added neck support and to reduce points of pressure.

So if you suffer from neck and back pain, it may be a good idea to investigate one of these. Latex pillows should all be hypo-allergenic, as it is almost impossible for dust mites and mildew to live in them, ensuring a healthy, clean nights sleep.

Latex pillows hold their shape very well so look good in pillowcases as well as being comfortable. Some latex is designed to be porous so air will flow through the pillow, increasing circulation and comfort.
Gorgeous pillow slips, I wonder what type of pillow hides underneath?

Wool Pillows

Are a long lasting, healthy pillow that are also wonderful for allergy suffers. While I like a relatively firm pillow, when buying wool I always choose a softer fill then normal as it can be rock hard if tightly packed.

But in saying that, wool pillows do hold their shape very well. Wool pillows are very well ventilated and their circulatory qualities ensure your body temperature is regulated throughout the night, meaning they are great for people who experience night sweats or wake up uncomfortably hot during the night.

Cotton Pillows

Cotton pillows have similar hypo-allergenic and ventilation qualities to wool pillows but are much softer. They also compress quickly so are good for people who like flat pillows or who scrunch theirs up into all sorts of shapes.

Down or Feather Pillows

Down or Feather Pillows are as divine as down duvets – soft, comfortable, breathable and available in a range of firmnesses. They can come as down or feathers alone, or a combination, but down is the softest.

Down and feather pillows are easily molded to find a comfortable shape, but watch out for the cheaper ones as the feathers can often be left with sharp bits on them which may inadvertently stick you in the neck. The only negative is many people are allergic to this type of pillow, mainly due to the dust left in the feathers during processing. However, there are new hypo-allergenic fills coming on the market that offer the same sensation as down but with more allergy friendly qualities.

Dacron Pillows

Dacron pillows are filled with a synthetic fibre that doesn’t offer many good qualities apart from price. They aren’t very comfortable as the fibre has a tendency to bunch up in areas and leave you with a bald patch.

As they are synthetic, they also don’t have much ventilation and airflow. Dacron pillows are not recommended for sleeping on but are great for cushions and ornamental pillows as they can go into the washing machine should they catch a stray cup of tea.

That brings me to an important point on pillow care.
  • Always use a quality pillowcase, as these protect the pillow from the oils and dirt on your skin and are easy to wash.
  • Fluffing pillows daily (or as often as you remember) will help them keep their shape longer and break up any lumps of fiber that can form.
  • With the exception of Dacron, don’t wash your pillows in the washing machine.
  • Spot cleaning for small areas or dry cleaning is recommended.

So there you have it, a variety of pillows for all different people. Take a little bit of my advice, and a little bit of your own preferences and you should have no trouble choosing the perfect pillow for you.

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