Black White Bedroom Design

Black and White Styled Bedroom Design

Black and white is always a stunning color combination, this type of color scheme is called achromatic – meaning simply a colorless scheme possessing no hue, using only black gray and white. The achromatic color scheme has been used to optimum effect in this bedroom design.

I will walk through the bedroom design by starting at the ground and working upwards. The black carpet grounds the design and creates the perfect base to contrast with the white four poster bed. The black is then broken with a defined edge of white on the skirting / baseboards. This sets up the frame for the patterned wallpaper to sit within. There is a picture rail at the same height as the four poster bed which acts to frame the bed and the wallpaper. The wallpaper design is a large black floral motif in a rising form up the wall, creating rhythm and movement in the bedroom.

The ceiling and the wall down to the picture rail are painted white. This appears to make the ceiling look higher which can be necessary when a four poster bed is used in a bedroom design as they can sometimes look too large and out of proportion within a bedroom space.

The bed has restrained reeded detail on the frame and ornate broken swans neck pediments, made popular in the Mid Georgian period by the furniture designer Chippendale. This bed head is the focal point in a very detailed but not overwhelming bedroom interior. The curtains are slim and restrained in design, silver in color to match the decorative bed side table. This change of tone from black and white to silver (or gray) adds a mid tone to the scheme very subtly and softens the harshness of a complete black and white color scheme. The designer for this interior has a very good eye for detail and balancing color and tones.

The use of simple unadorned white cotton bedding is all that is required to complete this striking black and white styled bedroom design. The white bedding makes the bed look big, crisp and clean. It allows you to focus on the wallpaper and the bed head as the main features of the design.

The bedroom design finishing touches

The finishing touches are a black side lamp on the bedside table and a black blanket to the very end of the bed. These placements balance the black color in the design.

It is wonderful to see this design and you can learn from how well the design has been considered. Perhaps the only let down is it lacks a little personal touch that a bedroom needs, perhaps a photo frame on the bed side table could achieve this.

Overall an excellent example of a black and white bedroom design.

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