Types of Pipes

Types of Pipes for Sanitary Plumbing

Cast Iron Pipes

Cast iron piping often used in high rise and commercial or industrial use where the pipe system is under a lot of use.

Copper Pipes

Copper a very good long life material.

Copper being a metal and subject to hot and cold water and variations of should have expansion taken into consideration.

UPVC Pipes

Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride is the common plastic pipe you see in many installations.

It is used extensively in low rise and domestic situations because it is economic and easy to use.

It is joined with solvents and with fittings on threads compressing onto “rubber rings”.

Stainless Steel Pipes

Stainless steel like copper has a long life but is expensive to use. Rubber ring push joints are used for the ease of installation.


Types of Pipes for Sanitary Drainage

Cast Iron Pipes

Cast iron used mainly in commercial and industrial installations.

UPVC Pipes

UPVC used in the majority of domestic installations and light commercial.

Care to be taken when high temperatures or solvents may be in the discharges for example in a commercial dishwasher or a laboratory.

In those situations Stainless steel or other materials such as copper may be used.

Vitrified Clay Pipes

It has been in use since Roman times so it is well proven. It is suitable for almost all commercial, industrial, trade waste and residential applications.

Stainless Steel Pipes

Can be used extensively in buildings and underground. Strong and noncorrosive but expensive.

Metric Conversions

3 inches = 75mm (76.2 mm)
4 inches =100mm (101.6mm)

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