9 Steps to Transform any Room in your Home

The Beginners Guide to Creating Beautiful Rooms Like a Professional Interior Designer

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My name is Lee Brown from from Interiordezine.com and WillowCollege.com
I will be your expert instructor to guide you through the 9 easy steps to transform any room in your home. This is a video course located at Udemy.com

I have been a professional Interior Designer for over 30 years. Together with my husband Chris we founded Interiordezine.com in 2003, this provided and still provides free interior design courses and a wealth of information about the design industry. With the popularity of this format we also founded WillowCollege.com in 2018 to provide interactive interior design courses. Chris and I are experts in our field of interior design and we love sharing our experience and knowledge to help others enjoy interior design as much as we do.

Who you are?

You know who I am now so who are you?

Let me guess, you are a keen interior design enthusiast who loves making rooms look good. You know you can do an even better job and maybe even take it us as more than a hobby. You know you have the potential to make not just good interiors but great interiors, you just lack the direction to get you there. This is the course for you. I know it will pick up your creative skills and take them to the next level – read on to see what you can learn and why it will help you be able to transform any room in your home from good to great! Or go straight to Udemy and trial some video lessons – the choice is yours.

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Skills you will Master in this Course to Transform any Room in your Home

•Compiling a Project Brief

•Brainstorming your Style Ideas

•The Secrets to Using Color Like a Professional

•Understanding How To Use Fabric

•Choosing Fittings and Fixtures

•Understanding the Finishes in a Home

•Guidelines to Furniture Placement

•How to Pull your Interior Scheme Together

•Mastering the Finishing Touches

transform any room

Compiling a Client Brief

9 steps to transform any room

The key to any successful interior design scheme is understanding what you have to work with and what you want to achieve.

This is achieved by compiling a client brief.

Brainstorming your Design Ideas

We have so many ideas in our head, how can we possibly focus on just one?

Learn to brainstorm your ideas and work through a process to decide on your theme and style and get started on the design for your interior.

Beginner's Guide to Interior Design

The Secrets to Using Color like a Professional

master color to transform any room

We all want a bit of color in our homes, but usually just play it safe and choose something neutral.

You will gain the confidence to play with color in your home and express your personality.

Understanding How to Use Fabric

There are a lot of elements that go into a room, unlock the secret of fabrics to add color, pattern and texture to your room.

You will find a new love when you start learning about fabrics.

learn about fabric

Choosing Fittings and Fixtures

interior design

There is so much choice when it comes to fittings and fixtures today that you can end up going down a rabbit hole trying to choose what you want.

There are a few simple steps to simplify the process and make choosing fittings and fixtures simpler.

Understanding the Finishes in a Home

What makes interiors look well designed is the way finishes are combined.

Find out how to simplify the process of how finishes work together.

transform any room with furniture placement

Guidelines to Furniture Placement

interior design video course

The question I get asked the most is “how do I know where to put my furniture?”

Understand how furniture works in a room and get guidelines of how to place your tables, chairs, coffee tables, lamps and more.

How to Pull your Interior Scheme Together

Once you have done all the hard work and gathered all the information to create your beautiful room, you need to document it so that you can work with contractors, suppliers and make sure that you know exactly what will happen in your room or interior.

Professional Interior Designer’s don’t leave anything to chance, they have a well structured plan to follow.

interior design video course

Mastering the Finishing Touches

Transform any room to create beautiful interiors

Once you have done all the hard work and created your beautiful room, you need to add the interior designer flair to it by placing your finishing touches.

Decorating your well-designed room is the fun part, so take the time and enjoy.

Transform any Room in your Home

interior design video course

At the end of this course – you will be able to create your own beautifully designed room. You will be able to:

Imagine your design

Plan your design

Create your design

Make your design

Enjoy your design

Do another design!

Let’s get started!

Grab a coffee and begin your exciting journey to transform a room in your home. Check out some of the lessons for free on Udemy.com and see if it’s what you are looking for. I’d love for you to come onboard and learn interior design with us today.

Bye for now and I look forward to helping you transform a room in your home.

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