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Design Meanings for Quoin, Quarry Tiles, Quartzite

What is a Quoin, Quarry Tile, Quartzite?

Find the meanings of Quoin, Quarry Tile and Quartzite

See photos and definitions of Quantity Surveyor, Quarrel, Quarter Round, Quantities, Quilting and Quoin.

Quantities:The amount of materials and work (lab our) in a building contract. Referred to as a bill of quantities.

bill of quantities


Quantity Surveyor:A professional trained in construction costs and contracts.

Quarrel:A pane of glass in a lead light.




Quarry Tiles:These are made from unrefined extruded, high silica alumina clay that gets pressed into the desired form and hard burnt. They are hard and durable but have a softer composition than ceramic tiles. They can be used with underfloor heating. It is an unglazed form of tile, which comes in a natural color selection, red, brown and beiges.

Quarry Tiles


Quarter Round:A convex molding. Often used as a trim to a square edge to a tile. E.g. a quarter round polished or powder coated aluminium trim to a tile edge. This stops the tile having a raw edge.

Quarter Round
Quartzite: Quartzite is a form of metamorphic rock, it is a compact granular quartz rock derived from sandstone. It has good abrasion resistance and is less expensive than marble or slate.





Quilting: Polyester wadding is sandwiched between two layers of fabric and a quilted pattern is machine stitched through all the layers.



Quoin: Outside angle of house. Outer corner of a house.Usually featuring interlocking brick or plaster pattern.



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