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Interior Decorating Tips

Interior Decorating Tips

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Lee Brown here, co founder of

Because of the rapid growth of, the huge success of the free interior decorating ecourse and the constant requests for more, more, more interior design and decorating advice from our readers, we have come up with a service to you that is so simple we should have done it years ago!
It is called
Interior Decorating Tips of the Day
After subscribing you will receive  simple free interior decorating tips in your email box every day that will take you under 30 seconds to open, read and close. You will continue your design education without any effort. How simple is that?

The interior decorating tips will cover all aspects of interior design and decorating and include some professional design practice tips too.

So subscribe now and get started today on learning interior design and decorating using interior decorating tips!

What’s the catch? There is none.

This website is about sharing interior design and decorating information to you. If you want to learn, you can at this website. It is crammed with information and ideas on all aspects of interior design and decorating. At the end of each email tip is further reading if you have the time and the tip is of interest to you, if not, close it and get on with your day! We all have busy lives and this is such a quick and easy way to stay in touch with learning design. As the doctors say “This won’t hurt a bit.” Automatically learn with interior decorating tips.

So don’t delay, get your Dezine Tip of the Day today.

Thanks for being a loyal reader.

Enjoy your free interior decorating tips

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Lee Brown

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What are you waiting for? You shouldn’t be reading down here. There are no extra special offers as its all free, this is a special offer on it’s own, so sign up on the form above and keep learning for free right now! Interior decorating tips for free sent to your inbox from Lee Brown

About the Author – Lee Brown

Lee Brown is the co founder of, she has worked in the Interior Design Industry for over 23 years, specializing in commercial, hospitality, high end architectural homes and retail design. Over the past 13 years Lee and Chris Brown have been collating their wealth of design knowledge to provide free interior decorating education to the world. Make sure you register for your free ecourse today. Free Interior Decorating eCourse