Kitchen Color Walls

Kitchen Color and Wall Finishes

Choosing kitchen colors should be a simple job but saying you want a white kitchen could be any of forty different variations of white. So careful attention to selecting finishes and color is required. The different materials, textures and reflective properties will mean that colors look different when vertical or horizontal depending on how the light reflects off them.

Other things to consider with color are the paint chips or swatches. They will look different when they are painted on your wall or your cupboard fronts so make sure you get a test pot and paint out a large sample to get a better idea of your desired outcome.

The most popular kitchen colors are cream, white, black and white, blue and white, and greens. These are usually combined with natural timbers either in the cabinetry or the flooring.

Natural stone used in bench or counter tops often provide a good starting point for choosing a kitchen color, but they do vary a lot obviously as they are a natural product, so always check out the piece of stone your bench or counter top will be made of.

Appliances are a consideration when choosing kitchen colors, as there is not a lot of variety in these unless you integrate them into your cabinetry and this does cost more. In general standard appliances come in white, stainless steel and black. Most colors will combine with these, but as mentioned earlier about the different shades of white, it is often better to use stainless steel with a white kitchen as it is almost impossible to get the appliances and the cabinetry the same color.

Kitchen walls can be finished in numerable products, the most important factor to consider is that the product is impervious to water and easily washable. Kitchens are high wear areas with a lot of moisture and oils that accumulate in the air and inevitably end up resting on the walls.


Ceramic tiles, stainless steel and color back glass are popular products for splash backs and up stands in the kitchen. These are often carried on throughout the kitchen walls. The obvious wall finish and probably the most popular is enamel based paint, cost effective and easy to change for a quick makeover.

Read on to get more in depth information about products for wall finishes and colors.

Kitchen Wall Finishes and Choosing Colors