Glass Vases Timber Kitchen

Timeless Timber Kitchen with

Colored Glass Vases add Trendy Touch

This timber kitchen is very modern with its uniform layout.

The room is large with a high ceiling and the strong use of color and texture to help define the kitchen itself and it’s interior design features.

It is simple in it’s design but not bland.

Working from the top the pelmet stops the eye from continuing up into the ceiling and gives a solid safe statement. i.e stop the joinery finishes here you don’t need to look further. It gives definition and focus while also housing the down lights which wash the fronts of the cupboards and the front edge of the bench.

Timber kitchen design - Here the use of colored glass bottles or vases add interest and create a focal point of the kitchen space.

Having the washed light enhances the texture to the cupboards. The texture being the vertical grain of the timber is further enhanced by the elongated rectangular form of the cupboards.

The rear wall above the bench and ceiling area has the diamond metal ceramic tiled effect balancing the room and helping creating the floating feeling of the cupboards above the bench. The use of the under cupboard lighting and lighting to the extract hood also helps enhance this effect while lighting the bench and the cooking line.

Twin ovens recessed into the wall have the bench adjacent to allow placement of cooked items without them having to be carried while the central island of black polished granite with preparation sink is large and comfortable to use. The large area always allows the cook to work without clutter.

Even though the black granite countertop is dark, because it has a highly polished finish it does still reflect some light as you can see. The general lighting being wrought iron pendant which you can barely see at the top of the picture.

The simplicity of the timber kitchen design and the use of black and white creates a timeless backdrop for adding trendy accessories to keep the kitchen up to date. Here the use of colored glass bottles or vases add interest and create a focal point to the kitchen space.

The success of this kitchen design has been the lighting as it has been well considered to compensate for the selection of very dark finishes.

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