Interior Decoration Tips

Interior Decoration Tips

Interior Design Ideas

Find simple interior decorating tips to help you renovate your home or simply redecorate a tired space.

For an economical way to decorate a space, try using stencils, they only use a small amount of paint, but are labor intensive, and fun to do. They can be used almost anywhere from the floor to the ceiling, even on furniture.

Spruce up you rooms from season to season, change the colors or accessories to suit the climate or seasonal theme. This can be done using cushions, throws, vases and flowers, pictures and decorative pieces of artwork or ceramics.

Rather than replacing old curtain tracks, make a decorative valance to cover them.

Using fresh cut flowers in your home are a simple and effective way to decorate you home. Place them on a table an illuminate them with existing lighting or use a table lamp. Place them in a corner to add color and texture and the added bonus is the fragrance.

Wild flowers decorations on a dining table

Wild flowers decorations on a dining table

Use decorative curtain rods if you do have to replace them due to wear and tear for a decorative feature to your windows.
Interior decorations with stencil template on the wall

Interior decoration with stencil template on the wall

If you want to use tiles, do your homework and find out what specifications you can pick from, if they are going in wet areas, make sure they are slip resistant, if they are going outside, make sure they are frost proof.

Ensure you look at what you want to do with a space before you plan your lighting in a new home, allow for general lighting and make it adaptable and versatile with the use of dimmers to create mood and separate switching for ease of use.
Interior Decoration Tips - A curtain valance covering the track - Decoration Tips

A curtain valance covering the track – Interior Decoration Tips

Interior Home Decoration Ideas

An often forgotten area of decoration is a practical one, door hardware, and even more forgotten is door stops, these protect your walls from the door handle bashing through it. Ensure that the doorstop is long enough to stop the door before the handle reaches the wall.

Think less is best when you are decorating, by all means add your personal ornaments, but be selective, use only a few at a time, you can always change them every few months to add variety to your space.

Music is a simple way to create mood in a room, you can change the pace from soft and background for dining, to loud and funky for parties. No interior decoration required.

When you are trying to decide whether to use a single color or multiple colors in your fabric, soft furnishings and or carpets, think long term. If you select a single color, will you tire of that color quickly and how easy will it be to redecorate? If you select fabrics and carpets, rugs with more than one color, you can simply alter the appearance of the room in a few years time by painting the walls a new and different color. This is an economical way to makeover your room.

To provide texture and warmth to a room add cushions and throws, this also helps with color and comfort in a space.

Interior Decoration Tips - Cushions and a throw

Cushions and a throw

To create a flush modern look in cabinetry use magnetic catches, then you don’t need protruding handles.

To provide the look of luxury choose metallic finishes like gold or silver, especially for trim.

Interior Decoration Tips - Gold cord and ribbon edging these cushions

Gold cord and ribbon edging these cushions

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Written by Lee Brown

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