Tie Top Curtain Rod

Tie Top Curtain on a Wrought Iron Rod

Tie Top Curtains are a modern form of window treatment.

They are popular for their casual and informal style that they create, and the simplicity of design.

In this tie top curtain example, a simple bedroom has been transformed into a massage and beauty therapy studio.

Tie Back Curtain, Wrought Iron Curtain Rod

The interior design is simple and informal, the crisp white of the curtain fabric enhances the clean and somewhat clinical feeling that a massage and beauty therapy studio should portray, but using the tie top curtains provides a softeness and sence of relaxed restraint, so that you don’t feel like you are in a hospital room, but rather a place for massage or beauty therapy, a place to relax and be treated in a clean, neat and tidy interior.

The height of the wrought iron curtain rod adds drama to the space, along with the lowering of the ceiling by painting it black. The natural light in the room is useful for the beauty therapy treatments, and for massage when it works better in a dimmed light, the tie top curtains can be drawn to diffuse the natural light.

The interior works well, so now, if you imagine french pleated curtains in the same space, how do you think you would feel?

More formal and have less ability to relax in the space.

If the curtains were red velvet and puddled on the floor?

Then you would feel like you were on stage and find it impossible to relax.

So, by keeping the selection of fabric simple and the style of the curtain relaxed, the wrought iron curtain rod basic and functional, you provide the mood or setting for how you want the person to feel when they enter the space.

So keep these ideas above in mind when choosing to use tie top curtains, are they the correct style for the desired outcome you want in your interior space?

Interested in taking your love of fabrics and curtains further? Only watch if you are ready for change!