Find Your Inner Self with Window Treatment Ideas

There is nothing that can change the look and feel of a room faster or better than new window coverings. Before beginning your search for window treatment ideas form in your mind the reason you are changing the look or adding new curtains. Here is an area in your home where you can let your creativity and personality shine. You do not have to be a professional, you just have to know what you like and why you like it. This does not have to be an expensive project, but it would be wise to set a budget and stick with it.

Perhaps you are beginning to like the look of the southwest. You find everything about this style very colorful and interesting in the reds, oranges, turquoises and yellows. Not only are there the bold colors, but there are interesting textures, patterns and fabrics. When you search for window treatment ideas in the southwest style, you will discover light material than looks like blankets woven by the Native Americans and designs that incorporate the colorful palette on a background of sand and earth tones.

Maybe you have decided to redecorate your guest bedroom in a Country French theme. When you see different curtain ideas they will invoke a feeling of a quiet French countryside in pale blues and greens. You will see plenty of cornice boards in plaid patterns, florals and checks. In Country French there is no such thing as one color. Everything has soothing hues and everything definitely has some sort of movement within the fabric.

If American Country is your thing, there are hundreds of window treatment styles in every color of the rainbow. You do not have to be satisfied with red and white gingham check. You will find many plaids in blues and earth tones. Many of the color schemes will be reminiscent of the colors that the early settlers and farmers used that were derived from plants and roots. They did not have the luxury of going to the big box department store. They had to make-do with what was at hand. This was generally natural fabrics colored by nature’s bounty.

You can take American Country and turn it into rustic, like the log cabin feel. Many of the original log cabins did not have glass windows. They had wooden ‘shutters’ that were closed and cross-barred for the evening. If you have a rustic cabin or want that type of ambiance, nothing adds more charm than new shutters that can be painted or stained to match the interior colors. Some of the shutters can be opened flat against the wall and then there are choices that are stationary but you can open and close the slats as you like.

Now if you want to update your living room with a more contemporary feel  when looking for Window Treatment Ideas the sky is the limit. But you do not have to reach you budgeting limit. You will see groupings of shades only that have simple lines and simple colors. There will be monochromatic grass cloth and bamboo. Some shades will cover the entire window and some will over only partially for privacy. If you use these types of shades you are sure to see plenty of use of sheer panels on the side. Many times the sheers are ecru, beige or white. However, many decorators have been known to use colors as well. There is no right or wrong.

Try something ethnic that you have picked up on your travels, make a panel from it – fabulous color and texture.

Another very popular modern treatment is selecting a panel that has alternating blocks of sheer and solid color. Using many panels in a group adds a dramatic touch. For a more formal modern look, you will find many floor to ceiling drapes in a single, muted color. The chosen color can complement the wall, flooring or furniture colors.

Once you have found the unique window treatment idea that suits your purpose, take a before and after picture of your room. When you are close to a project sometimes you can’t see what a difference you have made. As they say – a picture paints a thousand words!

Interested in taking your love of fabrics and curtains further? Only watch if you are ready for change!